Patient Leader

My son, Henry, was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2016 and later diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, specifically. I have dedicated the last 3 years in learning more about the disorder, engaging with the epilepsy community and advocating for others. I work with young adults now who have autism and epilepsy; a job that I absolutely love. I’ve made some great friends through both communities and, on the back of this, will be heading to university to study neuroscience.


Basingstoke, ENG


Advocating for Another Best in Show: Twitter Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Rookie of the Year

He's so inspiring and just an amazing guy!  — Katie

Nathan tweets regularly explaining the impact his young son's epilepsy and dravet syndrome has on the while family. His feed is heartbreaking, educational as he spends time explaining the conditions while also hugely inspiring. By showing how both he and Henry (his son) stay positive and face the condition with bravery.  — Paul

Nathan is an amazing dad to two children, with his sons diagnosis he has shown love, passion and care and the true side of how it can have it’s affects, whilst raising awareness and always there to help others even if it is for just an ear to listen. He gives amazing support to all and should be recognised for all the hard work he does.  — Pearl

He’s just fantastic in raising awareness and fully deserves this award for his fundraising and awareness of such a horrid condition  — Charlotte

For his tireless efforts of educating about epilepsy, supporting others going through the same and always being a ear for caregivers going through similar all while having daily struggles with his little warrior son.  — Laura

This guy has touched the life’s of a lot of people with epilepsy. Nath continues to share his story with everyone the highs and the lows. He truly is inspirational aswell as his son Henry who we have all grown to love!  — Louise

Nathan's incredible devotion and drive to draw awareness to epilepsy and his sweet son Henry's challenges with Dravet Syndrome are truly second to none. He does so by lifting those of us in the epilepsy community up with his positivity and spirit and is always the first to send encouraging messages. Nathan is the true meaning of inspiration to us.  — Kimberly


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