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I "swear" I'm not cussing at you! I have, however, been diagnosed as being homozygous (carrying two copies) of the MTHFR C677T gene variant. This basically means that my body has a severely impaired ability to detox, leading to an array of health complications. The combination of having this "Mother Effer" gene, not knowing I had it, and not understanding how to make the best decisions possible while having it was responsible for developing an assortment of health complications. What began with severe food intolerances led to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid) and eventually resulted in life-threatening/recurring MRSA infections - all by the time I was just 23. My immune system was functioning like that of an elderly person, even though I looked like a healthy young woman in her early 20s. Receiving this diagnosis was crucial to understanding my body and how to move forward in healing. However, this genetic mutation is still poorly understood and recognized in the medical community. That's where I'm striving to make a difference through my online platform! Currently, Hey MTHFR is primarily a blog with an Instagram community, but I am also opening a Facebook group to allow for easier communication between members. This platform serves to provide valuable information regarding this genetic mutation and how to live your best life with it, raise awareness for a poorly understood condition, as well as offer a space for members of the community to discuss ideas and receive support. Plus, a little humor never hurts the healing journey!


New Castle, PA


Best in Show: Instagram Rookie of the Year

I love the realness , the humor and great info shared.  — Debbie

Really big steps and a lot of growth have taken place in less than a year. It seems that a lot of people have already been impacted by this Patient Leader. I expect that we will see great things in the years to come!  — Lyn


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