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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Jennifer or as most know me, "Jenn". I have been around psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PSA) from a young age. My father was diagnosed when I was a child. I have lived first hand as a caregiver how difficult and emotionally depleting this disease is for a family. My father also has psoriatic arthritis and has had to have 3 ankle fusion surgeries and was medically retired for his PSA. This isn't where it stops for my family though, I and my younger brother were both diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I have battled psoriasis for 20 years and PSA 10 years. After my divorce in 2008, I went back to school and while giving a presentation on psoriasis in English class, I found the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) and found a voice I didn't know existed in advocacy, I realized that education was key in sharing and that this disease was more than just something I had. In 2010 I got involved with the NPF raising money and building a team, for their annual "Walk to Cure Psoriasis." I gradually got more and more involved attending my first national volunteer conference in 2015, when I attended I told herself I wanted to get more involved with the organization, I went on to become a "community ambassador" and a "one to one mentor" for patients who need someone to talk to who understands. In 2017 I attended another NPF National Volunteer conference where she decided it was time to get more involved with government, I joined the "advocacy action network" where I now co-chair helping advocates in both DC and Sacramento to bring awareness to the health bills and the issues that Psoriatic disease patient face. When I am not advocating for Psoriatic Disease, I volunteer with a local 501c3 that gives back to the community in forms of scholarships, Christmas for families, food for seniors, and much more like health fairs. Where we have featured the American Cancer Society, National Psoriasis Foundation and Diabetes education classes to name a few we have done to educate patients about sources out there for them to utilize. I currently sit on the board of directors as Chairman for that non-profit. Yet I think my greatest accomplishment will be recognizing the heart that advocacy gave me. It made me realize that my calling was in helping others and I am currently attending nursing school to graduate with my RN BSN in about a year and a half. My wish would be that if we can't have a cure for this disease that we raise awareness with our advocacy, so that future generations don't endure the judgment that we have. "I don't Flake, I sparkle!" Don't forget to check my Instagram out, psofighter_jenn Thanks for stopping by!!


Riverside, CA


Lifetime Achievement Best Kept Secret

Jenifer has been working as an advocate for years. She volunteers above and beyond the call of duty!  — Steven

Jenn Pellegrin

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