Paolo Maccallini

Patient Leader


Rome, 07


Patient Leader Hero Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Best in Show: Blog

With his blog, both in English and Italian, he is informing patients on cutting edge-research as well as contribuiting to it with original materials.  — Giada

Paolo is seriously ill, but he has enormous resilience. He uses his great scientific skills and every resource to research his illness, ME CFS. His energies are scarce and often totally absent. Yet he constantly studies, researches, processes data and then shares everything via social media, but also communicating via whatsapp with other patients  — Marina

For many of us sick of ME CFS (rare disease), Paul is a precious support. Thanks to his blog, accurate and full of information on the disease, We can better understand the disease, we can ask him for explanations, but we can also feel well represented by Paolo and we have Paolo as our voice in silence.  — Marina

Paolo Maccallini

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