Belize Spivey

Patient Leader

Belize is known as the STD Life Coach. She serve men and women living with herpes. She offer education, support, and encouragement after their diagnosis. She have the passion to overcome the stigma of herpes.


Covington, GA


Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Youtube Rookie of the Year

I nominated myself, STD Life Coach Belize Spivey because I offer education, support, and encouragement to individuals living with Herpes Simplex Virus. The stigma on the virus is keeping individuals in fear and shame. I have create a successful platform through YouTube. I been able to make large impact on the herpes community.  — Belize

I share education about herpes simplex virus in a relatable way. I help others understand that their life isn't over.  — Belize

Belize Spivey

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