Nicole Rochester, MD (Your GPS Doc)

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I am a pediatrician who was blessed to be a caregiver for my dad from 2010-2013. Experiencing the healthcare system from the other side of the stethoscope was both frustrating and life-changing. I found that my medical knowledge, expertise, and title often allowed me to advocate more effectively for my dad. While that was great for my family, I often left medical encounters thinking about the millions of patients who don't have a "medical person" in the family. I took a leap of faith and left my FT job in 2017 to launch a health advocacy company dedicated to helping patients and their family caregivers navigate the complicated healthcare system.


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Dr. Rochester provides guidance for consumers and caregivers who are trying to navigate the healthcare system, the insurance morass and more. She explains these matters in a simple easy to follow discussion and is passionate about patient care and their loved ones as well. We direct our clients to her site as insurance brokers. Education is key  — Marcia

Nicole Rochester, MD (Your GPS Doc)

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