Charles Eaton MD

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I am a hand surgeon living in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am happily married with four grown boys, three stepchildren, and five grandchildren. I have been board certified in general surgery, plastic surgery, and surgery of the hand. I've practiced hand surgery in academic and community settings and have published and lectured internationally on a variety of hand and microsurgery topics. After I introduced a new procedure for Dupuytren contracture to the United States, I met and treated thousands of people with Dupuytren disease. This experience led me to create the nonprofit advocacy Dupuytren Foundation in 2008. I closed my practice in 2012 for health reasons and transitioned to volunteer full time as the executive director of this organization, now named the Dupuytren Research Group.


West Palm Beach, FL


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero

Dupuytren Disease (DD) is a genetic, debilitating hand disease that affects millions. There is no known cause or cure. Dr. Eaton is a hand surgeon with unique experience & deep commitment to the challenge of DD as he treated more DD patients than any other surgeon. Dr. Eaton established the Dupuytren Research Group with the hope of finding a cure.  — Pat

Dr. Eaton is the founder of the Dupuytren Research Group in the hope of finding a cause and cure for this genetic and sometimes debilitating hand disease. He is making a difference in the lives of millions worldwide who are suffering with Dupuytren and related diseases.  — Pat

Dr Eaton fights tirelessly for better diagnosis treatment and prognosis for Dupuytren's patients. He organizes and coordinates research, gives lectures and interviews, assists patients with any queries they may have. He is our hope for the future, for ourselves and the next generation.  — Anna

Charles Eaton MD

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