Connie Chavez (conniesjourney11)

Patient Leader


San Bernardino, CA


Rookie of the Year

She sets an example on getting through anything while encouraging others!  — Frederica

Connie has persevered through multiple health struggles. Many individuals in her shoes would want to give up. Instead, Connie found purpose in the pain. She started the organization Chronically Unbreakable to show others with chronic illness that you can still thrive with your disease or condition. She is such a bright light!  — Amber

Connie has been such an inspiration to me!! When I got sick I was searching for anyone to help me with the questions I had and all my fears. I came across Connie's IG page and I reached out to her. She responded, kept in touch with me, was/is always there when I have a question or just to check in. Following her journey has been so inspiring to me.  — Renee

Connie has devoted herself to help others that have experienced some type of chronic illness. Connie not only shares her own experiences of what she has been through with multiple chronic illnesses, but also takes the time to listen to other peoples struggles and encourage them to live their best life!  — Kevin

Connie has been an on a journey her entire life with everything she has done. She always put her heart and soul into it all. When she got sick she did the same thing. She fought for what she though was tbe best treatment. Now i see her inspiring others to be the same kind of fighter. Whatever arises she faces it head on with a fight.  — Jennifer

Connie Chavez (conniesjourney11)

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