Janeen Qadri

Patient Leader

After being diagnosed with Lupus during my junior year of undergrad(4 years ago), I had an extremely difficult time finding resources on living a proactive lifestyle in order to best manage symptoms of Lupus. I went from being stuck in the early 5 stages of grief to realizing I can and will create the tools necessary for our community to feel empowered and equipped to face this debilitating disease with confidence. Using my degree in health sciences and experience in digital marketing, Lupus Health Shop was founded in 2018. My passion is to eloquently deliver accessible tools, education, and digital media in a concise manner to help Lupus warriors learn more about their health and how to live a proactive lifestyle to decrease and better manage symptoms. 40% of those with Lupus are disabled and my goal is to reduce that number through this approach. My background in health sciences and professional work in the healthcare field has set the groundwork for further research and personal practice of integrative medicine as the primary treatment for Lupus. By practicing the integrative medicine approach as a primary treatment of Lupus, it has allowed me to not only start Lupus Health Shop and a new YouTube series called Lupus Life Hacks®, but to accept a board member position at the largest grassroots and non-profit organization in NYS called Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York (LAUNY). Education is crucial to success. My goal is to connect with my community as much as possible and inspire them to learn more about their body so they can live a high quality of life even with Lupus. Thank you for taking the time to read more about me!


East Amherst, NY


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret

Proud to nominate Janeen for her drive to change Lupus from under-served and misunderstood to a community that's educated & empowered about this cause. She's turning her passion for healthcare, & personal story of living with Lupus, into a WEALTH of useful information that's so needed. Plus her approach is fun & something people WANT to read!  — Rebecca

As a fellow lupie, Janneen supports and informs without trying to take advantage of others. She is also an inspiration in all she does  — Saramax

Janeen Qadri

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