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I am an #InvisibleIllnessWarrior; I fight a number of debilitating, chronic conditions, which combined cause me never-ending severe pain and severe fatigue. I am 95% homebound, leaving my house only to go to doctor appointments. I spend about 65% of my time (or maybe more) bedbound. I am also a wife, a friend, and a servant to my pet overlords (one dog, two cats, one turtle). Before I got sick, I was very accomplished and busy – an artist, photographer, writer, editor, bibliophile, marketer, college instructor, and volunteer. But my illnesses stole it all from me. There is much I can no longer do, but I am not going to stop doing what I can, which is advocate for both myself and others with mental and physical illnesses. I'm also going to be kind.


Atlanta, GA


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dSavannah speaks for many of us that suffer with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - ME. Her writing gives an insight into the suffering and struggles that many of with ME face. Please award her Best in Show: Blog so her voice may be heard by many others which will shine the spotlight on this terrible, currently incurable, disease. Please help her help us!  — Charles


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