Brianna Edin

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I am a wife and mother and was recently diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. It has completely shaken up daily life for me and my family. I regularly have up to 20 seizures a day. I needed an outlet to make my recovery time meaningful instead of spent scrolling my phone. The more I learn about epilepsy the more I realize how little I knew before my diagnosis. I want to educate the general public about epilepsy in an approachable way. I am also passionate about supporting others with epilepsy to know that they are not alone in their experience.


Snohomish, WA


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog Rookie of the Year

Brianna is a mother newly diagnosed/dealing with epilepsy and constant seizures. I am blown away by the way she has already reached out to others with epilepsy and given them a place to be able to share their stories soon to help others learn about epilepsy while also being therapeutic to be able to talk to someone like Brianna who understands.  — Brittany

She puts an honest face on her recent diagnosis, she might be frustrated but she isn't defeated .... she's a wife & mother & sister & auntie & daughter & granddaughter & niece & cousin & friend &photographer & writer & music lover & movie buff & exceptionally amazing  — Susanne

A fascinating insight into an under diagnosed issue. Brianna’s cause deserves attention and her writing style is engaging. Her platform will help to educate many with its wit and ease and she deserves all the attention she can get.  — Caroline

Brianna is being vulnerable and bringing light to living with epilepsy. I’ve been really clueless about epilepsy, but she is gracefully showing me how I can be there for her as a friend, and helping me to understand her experience. I know that her blog will help and comfort others who are going through similar experiences.  — Amy

Brianna Edin

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