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I had to give up working, but I've become a volunteer extraordinaire. I volunteer as a Patient Partner with the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council in their Patient Voices Network. I sit as Co-Chair on the Oversight & Advisory Committee which oversees the work of PVN. I also am a committee member for the BC ER Clinical Resources Committee, which provides Doctors, Nurses and other Practitioners around Emergency Rooms in BC with up to date resources at their fingertips, including articles, videos, etc. to enhance their ER practices. For example, if an ER Dr. in Northern BC encounters a patient with an unfamiliar heart condition, they can come to the website, access an article or video on that condition, or have live access another doctor to help with their diagnosis, etc. Other committees I belong to include the Surgical Quality Committee and the Laboratory Quality Council for Vancouver Island. I have also started blogging about my health journey and about Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Invisible Illness in general. I would never have had a blog before, so having become chronically ill was something that brought about this huge and positive change. My blog is at and I welcome new visitors and comments at all times.


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I write about Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Invisible Illness. I seek to educate and inform others through my posts, and I touch on a variety of subjects to appeal to many. I average approximately 15,000 views per month and my blog is growing all the time. I use humour as well as research to provide much-needed information.  — Pamela

Pamela is a real go getter determined to help patients directly and advocate for them with her committee work. If you look at Pamela's bio on, you'll see she belongs to no less than 4 patient advocacy committees for which she's active. As a blogger, she inspires and educates her patient readers with her words and work.  — Michelle

Pamela Jessen

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