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On No End In Sight, people living with chronic illness share their health journeys in their own voices. These stories have the amazing capacity to help other people living with chronic illness feel less alone. They serve as a resource to share our experiences with friends and family who might not get it yet. They help us see patterns in the diagnostic experience so that we know where change is needed most. In each episode, a new guest discusses their health background, their experiences with doctors, the research that they've done on their own, and how illness has impacted their career and personal relationships. Brianne has been living with chronic pain and dysautonomia for most of her life, and began conducting interviews for the podcast in 2017 while she was stuck at home after toxic mold exposure caused a major flare.


Shelburne Falls, MA


Best in Show: Twitter Best in Show: Podcast Rookie of the Year

In only a year, Brianne has collected countless stories dealing with chronic illness and turned them into an enthralling podcast that does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. She's interacting with the community, non-stop on twitter, leading the charge on meaningful discussions, swapping stories, and lending an empathetic ear to everyone.  — Adam

Brianne Benness | No End In Sight
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