Lisa Moran/ Peace Lungs & Happiness: Anatomy of a Medical Apocalypse

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Lisa Moran has been surviving late stage metastatic lung cancer since August 2015. She was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer after experiencing an intermittent, persistent cough and shortness of breath when running and hiking. Her initial diagnosis was stage IV with metastisis to both lungs and spine. Lisa was diagnosed with unilateral Moyamoya, progressive brain disease, in August 2017. She opted for direct and indirect bypass brain surgeries to return blood flow to her brain because the right internal carotid artery was narrowed to 100% blocked. Lisa is recovering and constantly improving from a December 2017 hemorrhagic stroke that left her temporarily paralyzed on the left side of her body. The first prognosis was the rest of her life in a wheelchair with 24 hour care nursing. She ended up walking out of inpatient rehab with the help of a cane. She then graduated out of outpatient therapies and continues to work on cognitive and memory deficits on her own. Lisa shares her victories and struggles with lung cancer, stroke and Moyamoya in her blog, Peace Lungs and Happiness: Anatomy of a Medical Apocalypse.


Colorado Springs, CO


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Lisa is always raising money and awareness!  — Kelly

Lisa Moran/ Peace Lungs & Happiness: Anatomy of a Medical Apocalypse
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