Stacy Hurt

Patient Leader

I am a passionate, outspoken health care strategist and activist. Having been a healthcare executive for 20+ years and advocating for both my disabled/special needs son and myself, I understand the need for connection and collaboration between health care professionals and patients. Empathy and communication are greatly lacking, and I am the authentic voice to bridge that gap. I am particularly interested in survivorship, invisible disabilities, and #doingawareness (as opposed to just "raising" awareness).


Bridgeville, PA


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Because of my education and professional healthcare experience in between my son's diagnosis and mine, my whole goal now is to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD between patients, industry, and providers for the latter two to have a more enriched and successful delivery outcome. I do this through multimedia and through user tools I developed on my website.  — Stacy

I met Stacy at Colon Camp and she has been there for me ever since. I am also a stage 4 warrior and she has called or messaged me before any big thing I have to go through to fight thisdisease. All while continuing to be a stage 4 thriver herself and taking care of her family.  — Jessica

Stacy Hurt
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