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I have had psoriasis for sixteen years and psoriatic arthritis for six years. What I thought was a curse in my life has turned into the biggest blessing. I tell my story every chance I get. I advocate for everyone who has pso and psa who is unable to tell their story of living with this disease. I volunteer with the NPF as a Community Ambassador (which was a brand new program that I was on the ground floor of initiating), a One to One Mentor, the Inspire website board chair (I answer any question someone may have that no one else answers), and Central Advocacy Action Network Co-Chair. I have been able to go to Capital Hill to tell my story to Congressional Members as well as speak at several different programs the NPF has sponsored. Through the NPF I started a virtual support group for anyone that wanted to join online who didn't want to go out in public. I have also put on two walks and a fundraiser by myself as well as doing other things to bring awareness to psoriasis in the area I live in. I also write articles for and monthly. Of all the advocacy work I do I would have to say my biggest accomplishment is being a One to One Mentor. I get to be there for anyone who is newly diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I get to talk to them to answer any questions they may have or tell them about my experiences to help them better understand the progression of the disease. I know I have gotten so much out of it. I only hope that I have given someone as much back in return.


Shreveport, LA


Patient Leader Hero

She is my sister and she has taught me alot about this disease. She is tirelessly working to help people understand how this disease works.  — Teresa


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