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The Autoimmune Hour is here to encourage and empower you to live well after you hear the words ‘you have an autoimmune condition…’ Or maybe you are just tired of being told ‘it’s all in your head,’ or ‘people your age….’ Hi Thrivers! Each week, The Autoimmune Hour ( brings you top-notch experts and awesome ‘thrivers’ interviews, chats, and positive thoughts to empower you to live well regardless of your diagnosis. Honestly, it’s the info your host, Sharon Sayler wants to hear... because she’s an autoimmune thriver too! Sharon Sayler knows the pain and suffering of autoimmune. She struggled to find the right answers to her long ordeal with health-issues, that when finally diagnosed and treated created what friends call a ‘compelling-yet-irrational-passion’ to inspire others to become courageous self-advocates as they work to turn life transitions into transformations. It’s that passion for medical self-determination and empowerment that birthed The Autoimmune Hour, the premier location for information to empower you to create a happy, healthy, wealthy life regardless of your diagnosis. The Autoimmune Show, is the #1 listened to wellness show on OMTimes Radio with new episodes every Friday at 7 PM ET at, and you can also watch video shorts, full interviews, positive thoughts and meditations on our YouTube channel at and is also at all the great podcast spots like iHeart, Spreaker, Podbean, SoundCloud, iTunes, and many other favorite places. Learn more and see the shows at


Portland, OR


Best in Show: Podcast

Sharon's Podcast brings chronic illnesses to the forefront in a positive, hopeful manner, providing listeners inspiration and ways to learn to live a happy, productive and quality life despite chronic illness. Sharon is a fantastic host who transitions the discussion easily, asks engaging questions of her guests, does her research and is relatable  — Kristal

Sharon is just a regular gal with an autoimmune disease who has the most amazing podcast. Her interviewing style is curious, straightforward and vulnerable. Hers is one of the most engaging podcasts, I've learned so much from her and her guests. She has created a valuable service to those who are living with major diseases. Definitely got my vote!  — Tamara

Sharon Sayler approaches health and wellness in an inspiring and uplifting way. Her podcast includes many guest speakers all offering a unique approach regarding your autoimmune system. I've learned from many of Sharon's interviews. Sharon's light-hearted spirit shines through wonderfully in her interviews. She deserves this award!  — Sheila

The show and the host give me hope that I too can overcome my ailments with an understanding I can take back control over my health. I do not need to and should not surrender my health needs and decisions to a doctor. I take responsibility for my health and well-being. The Autoimmune show reminds me of the ways I can do this.  — Janine

Sharon brings her years of experience to guide discussions understanding and living with autoimmune challenges. Her podcast has a wide variety of thought leaders in an attempt to provide insights to anyone struggling with autoimmune themselves or for a loved one. Love her show.  — Cecilia

The Autoimmune Hour — Sharon Sayler, producer and host

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