Tez Anderson

Patient Leader

"Tez shines a light on the needs of long-term survivors and the issues around aging with HIV. In 2013, he founded the group Let’s Kick ASS–AIDS Survivor Syndrome (ASS) in San Francisco; the group now boasts local chapters across the nation. He coined the term “AIDS Survivor Syndrome (ASS)” to describe the aftermath of long-term survivorship. Tez is the force behind HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day, which is observed each year on June 5. (It was on that date in 1981 that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] first reported about what is now known as AIDS.) As an adviser at ACRIA, Tez has also helped research HIV in older adults and has penned papers and declarations for older people living with the virus."— POZ 100 2018 Honoree "celebrates people 50 and over with HIV making a difference in the fight against the virus." His hallmark is an ability to write information about issues to make them accessible to long-term survivors and the general population. He's passionate about improving the lives of older adults aging with HIV.


San Francisco, CA


Patient Leader Hero
Tez Anderson

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