Allison D Rosen

Patient Leader

I am a tireless advocate for colorectal cancer and health disparities! I myself am a colorectal cancer survivor who switched from working in Oncology research after 12 years into Cancer Health Disparities! I am honored to be able to go out into the community and make sure the underprivileged, underserved, minority population that are at higher risk for developing cancer know about the cancer screening available to them. I have the opportunity to share my story through these channels as well as many others in the hope that my story can help others! I am an ostomate who has learned to embrace my new body and help others realize that their life is not over after getting an ostomy! I make sure people understand that you are NEVER TOO YOUNG for Colorectal Cancer! I was only 32 and I have lost too many young friends! For my job I make sure primary care physicians know what to look for when someone young comes into their office with weird symptoms that are reacted to their GI tract!


Houston, TX


Advocating for Another Best in Show: Community Patient Leader Hero Rookie of the Year

I turned what I went through during colorectal cancer treatment into a learning experience and changed career paths. For 12 years I worked in a cancer research lab, after the experiences I have had during treatment I have moved into a position as a project coordinator for cancer outreach, education and research to help the underserved population.

Despite undergoing four major surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy for colon cancer (diagnosed age 31), Allison has been a tireless volunteer and patient advocate at MD Anderson Cancer Center, leading several committees, Chairperson for "Get Your Rear in Gear" fundraiser, writing stories about dating with an ostomy, and mentor to newly diagnosed.  — ted

Diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 31, Allison survived multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. She became a cancer advocate, lecturing about prevention and early detection to lay and professional groups; founded a young adult support group at MD Anderson; chairs Houston's Get Your Rear in Gear 5K fundraiser; testifies to TX legislature.  — Ted

Tireless leader in the cancer advocacy community.  — matthew

Ms. Allison Rosen is inspiring and courageous for empowering everybody to take charge of their health. She educates people on how colon cancer is preventable, dissolving any fear and misconceptions about colonoscopies. She is a hero by focusing on saving the life of of every single person she meets.  — Jinna

Allison D Rosen

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