Dr. Kat

Patient Leader

After I experienced postpartum depression and anxiety with my first child, I became so passionate about helping other women and families. I couldn't believe that as a psychologist, I hadn't learned enough about things like postpartum depression to be able to recognized it in myself. Now, as a specialist in perinatal mental health I use the platform of my podcast, Mom & Mind, to get information and awareness into the hands and ears of the people who need it most...the new moms, dads and families who may be struggling. Through real stories and expert interviews, we shed light on the difficult truths of new parenthood and let people know that they are not alone. You deserve to be informed.


Claremont, CA


Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Podcast

There aren’t very many resources for moms suffering from PPD. This podcast covers and array of issues and offers fantastic resources.

This podcast is an undeniable service to moms and families packed with useful information, support, and resources.  — ARC

Dr. Kat

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