Pam Montana

Patient Leader

I was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s two years ago. The diagnosis was devastating but instead of hiding and being silent, I chose to share my story with the world by blogging and speaking at events, raising money & advocating for research funds. I am currently a member of the Alzheimer’s Assoc National Board of Directors & just finished my term on the Nor Cal/Nor Nevada Board. I am a past Early Stage Advisor for the association as well & have spoken at many Alzheimer’s walks, events & at the National Advocacy Forum in DC. I am currently part of the Roche/Genentech clinical trial and spend every waking moment sharing my story and trying to remove the stigma of this disease.


Danville , CA


Patient Leader Hero Advocating for Another

This is so well deserved. Pam has done everything in her power to help find a cure and end the stigma of Alzheimers. She travels and speaks out about her story at multiple functions and works hard at spreading the word. She has a powerful voice and is making a huge difference.  — Denise

She is such an inspiration as a women on a crusade to educate others about early onset Alzheimers by sharing her own personal story. And just in general Pam is an amazing person with a heart of gold!  — Annette

Pam Montana

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