Thrive Wise

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Irvine, CA


Best Kept Secret Healthcare Collaborator: Company

Because the advice, leadership, and tools are well vetted and supported! There's also easy access to the tools with discretion as a priority to make people feel safe.  — Donald

This box has been hugely helpful for me in my mental health during the summer while I'm away from the therapist at school.  — Kat

This subscription box is an amazing way for individuals to seek help for their mental well being by replacing the fear of stigma with fun and innovative resources  — Leslie

a great subscription box for mental health that actually provides tools, not just pretty fluff. started by a health psychologist with the purpose to support people in real ways, right to their doorstep. getting help to people where they are is the best way to start them on the path to healing or to support them to continue.  — Katayune

It’s a unique way to maintain mental wellness. Thrive Wise allows each individual to customize their needs. Individuals can support their counseling with Thrive Wise and/or maintain their mental wellness  — Denise

Thrive Wise

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