Patient Leader

I've personally overcome many struggles regarding body image and eating and now find great satisfaction teaching what I've learned. I believe that those of us who have fallen are best equipped to teach others how to pick themselves up. My mission is to spread help and hope to those who want to transform not only their health, but their lives. My ultimate message is that we are each here to do something great and contribute to the world. When we are our best selves, we can offer our best to life.


Health Activist Hero


Best Kept Secret

Innovative, interesting, practical info with a common sense approach to success!  — Tara

She's writes about things that help me in a very practical way and her work inspires me.  — Frances

I find her work honest and refreshing. She's not afraid to show her own flaws to help us understand ours.  — Ernest

Her writing inspires me and motivates me to work hard even when I don't feel like it! She's helped me put my life in perspective!  — Ernest

Tara Marie Segundo deserves it!

She is the hardest working, most selfless person I know. He mission is to make a difference in this world by helping to improve society, not just from a fitness perspective, but from a holistic point of view.  — Dominic

Her advice is practical, she motivates me and she's the real deal!  — Elysse

Her work inspires me and makes me get the best out of myself!! I look forward to all her blogs, newsletters, etc. She's brought back common sense!  — Dayna

She has conquered many of the issues that I struggle with and I know that I can also conquer these issues! She gives me strength!  — Philip

She's make a difference in my life.  — Cindy

Tara Marie is committed to creating a healthy society and inspiring people to take care of their body by developing simple, daily actions that produce big results in health and wellness. There are so many ways that Tara Marie makes a difference.... she has an incredible radio show supporting people globally, her show focusses on many aspects of health, wellness and happiness. She is a personal trainer and coach working with people indivdually, Tara Marie does fitness and health assessments with people and uses the case studies to help other people through her live shows. Her blog and social media sites are full of tips, encouragement and sharing success stories. She is truly a champion for many. www.TaraMarieLive.com www.TaraMarie.com http://blog.TaraMarie.com www.Facebook.com/TaraMarieLive www.Twitter.com/TaraMarieLive www.YouTube.com/TaraMarieLive www.LinkedIn.com/in/TaraMarieSegundo

She's a rock star!!  — lyssie


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