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I am a BRCActivist. When I was 25 years old, I discovered that I have up to an 87% lifetime risk of having breast cancer, and up to 60% lifetime risk of ovarian cancer when I tested positive for a BRCA1 deleterious gene mutation. This mutation was passed from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother to me. My great grandmother and grandmother died because of this mutation, and my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in her early thirties. I want smarter options to screen for, treat, and prevent cancer. I want better data for women so that we can make informed decisions about our cancer risk.


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Andrea Downing of Brave Bosom blogs with such care and passion about the BRCA community and is not afraid to go where others haven't. She's rallied on the steps of Capital Hill in the gene patent case, she's involved in the Free the Data movement. She is so full of earnest care for the fellow BRCA positive person, she truly deserves to be recognized.  — Teri

She is very active in educating other previvors with the BRCA gene and active in lobbying for patient laws.  — Darla

With a family history of cancer, at 25 Andrea learned that her risk of cancer was extremely high due to a genetic mutation. Her journey has taken her from a scared young woman to a powerful intelligent advocate not only for other young 'previvors' but for all. From the Supreme Court to the Stanford MedX stage, her advocacy work is historic!  — Kathleen


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