Dillan DiGiovanni

Patient Leader

I'm a health coach and speaker. I share my story of courage and transformation to inspire others. Every experience in life is an opportunity to grow more and carry the wisdom into the next life lesson. I provide people with practical tips for healthy living and inspirational messages to feel good and push through their fears to live a life without limits.


Best Kept Secret

Dillan DiGiovanni is the one person who I owe a lot of credit to for my successes in life. He helped me get myself out of times of heartache and made me realize my true potential. His spirit, energy, and presence is so uplifting and motivating. Dillan lives the life he preaches and I have been inspired by him as a mentor, a co-worker, and most of all, a friend. Dillan pours his heart and soul into improving the lives of others. His inspirational story has given him the motivation for his mission in life. I think that with more recognition Dillan can have positive influences on a variety of people, just as he did for me.  — Emily

Dillan DiGiovanni

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