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Kuna, ID


Best in Show: Facebook Lifetime Achievement


Lifetime Achievement Award

Many years of advocacy experience helping others living with HIV and AIDS.  — Todd

Dab Garner has been inspiring and helping people living with HIV /AIDS since 1981. He started giving teddy bears to people dying in quarantine in 1981 at the start of the AIDS epidemic. He has been an activist for people living with HIV since 1982. He also works on health care matters of breast cancer, cancer, children's health and Hep C.  — Jared

Dab Garner is a 33 year HIV/AIDS survivor/activist. He is also the creator of Dab the AIDS Bear & holiday events for children living wi/HIV called Teddy Bear Touchdowns. Dab advocates around the world for breast cancer, childhood cancers, HIV/AIDS, HepC & other causes by speaking at colleges, schools, LGBT events, civic events, conference & in DC.  — Jared


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