After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Patient Leader


Saddleworth, ENG


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Twitter

The work she does on talking and supporting people on twitter and other social media platform

A passionate advocate and leader- albeit with stage4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Tirelessly works to raise the profile of this particular type of Breast Cancer. Chair of METUPUK an active advocacy group of patients who collaborate with stakeholders in this sector with the aim of improving access to new Drugs and pushing for research for a cure  — Ruth

Jo has secondary breast cancer and is married with 2 young children. Jo is simply a hero. She is relentless in her pursuit to promote physical activity for people living with cancer and secondary breast cancer. She is an ambassador for this cause and raising awareness of all connected issues. She has recently hosted cancer retreats.

Jo is passionate and works tirelessly to raise the profile of Metastatic Breast Cancer . She leads METUPUK which is a group of MBC patient advocates who advocate on behalf of this community and ultimately is seeking research, drug access and a cure for all. I have personal experience of working for METUPUK with Jo particularly.

Jo is passionate and works tirelessly as a Metastatic Breast Cancer patient-advocate leading myself and a small group of other women patients. We go under the banner METUPUK- our ultimate goal to influence all stakeholders to push for drug access; treatment for all and a cure for MBC

Jo is an outstanding patient advocate for cancer care. She has cancer herself, but it does not stop her from striving to make the lives of other cancer patients better. A fabulous inspiration to us all

Jo Taylor is at the forefront of patient advocacy, and does so much work helping others by arming them with the best patient information necessary, so they can learn to cope in an incredibly confusing and distressing time. She's definitely leading the pack in this area.

Jo is a wonderful lady supporting not just those affected by breast cancer. Our 31 year old daughter died of colorectal cancer and Jo supports me via twitter just as she would a patient or family member who is going through breast cancer. She so deserves this award.

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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