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Patient advocacy is often about challenging individuals and organizations into revealing what historically has been hidden or riddled with myth. Primary headaches are complex. Society says they're common. How can they be complex if they're common? For me, primary headache patient advocacy is about empowering the sheer number of people who comprise "common" into action with a goal of solving "complex".


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Cindy is an extraordinary presence on Facebook. She is active on multiple pages as a devoted advocate and advisor to cluster headache sufferers. Cluster Headache is the most painful disease known. Cindy's knowledge and compassion has help hundreds of sufferers learn how to cope with this isolating condition.  — Dave

Tireless advocate for cluster headaches and migraines, Headache on the hill participant ,AHDA member, Clusterbusters member . Cluster headaches Facebook admin ,knowledge and support for those with cluster headaches .  — Steve

Cindy is an advocate for cluster headaches and goes above and beyond for the cluster headache and other primary headaches sufferers from around the world, whether it's reaching out via Facebook cluster headache page or holding and attending meetings and functions to spread the awareness of cluster headache to the world. She has helped us so much.  — Bazz


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