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Best in Show: Youtube


Best in Show: YouTube

Kati Morton is a a Mental Health vlogger. Her video topics include: Depression, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, BiPolar Disorder, Self-Harm, Suicide and much more. Even though she has full-time job as a marriage and family therapist intern (MFTI), and is licensed, and practicing in Los Angeles, she still puts out 5-6 videos a week about mental health topics, as well as answering followers mental health questions. In the 2 years that Kati has been making videos,she has uploaded over 200, and has over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube alone. She also maintains active accounts on all the other social media sites, including: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. She also has a website where followers can get support and encouragement from one another. Kati is great support and encouragement to all of her followers. Sometimes she is the only support.  — Briana

Daily Q&A's and so many inspiring videos!  — Fiona

Kati dedicates a phenomenal amount of her time to helping people achieve a healthy mind and healthy body. She makes youtube videos on a daily basis to give support to people dealing with mental health issues. She offers information, practical advice and answers questions that people ask her. She runs a website and is on various social media sites such as twitter, tumblr and facebook.

Kati Morton is one of the most dedicated people on the web. On top of seeing her regular clients and having a life she spend a massive amour of time making videos, personally responding to questions, and motivating people to live better. She has done includible things to bring awareness to and break the stigma around mental illness. She has saved a number of lives, and helps those of us who are stuck inside our own darkness. She is an inspiriting and caring person. To take all the time she does to help people she doesn't even know is heroic in itself, but to save a life here and there is heroic in the very essence of that word. I can't think of any person who deserves this award more.  — Shannon

Kati makes videos every day of the week for her followers. How much more dedicated can one person get? She's caring, funny, and absolutely a hero in my eyes.  — Alyson

Kati Morton is the reason why a lot of people still keep fighting for recovery. She inspires her followers to keep going no matter what, answers any question related to mental health, always finds the right words to be supportive and last but not least has something about her that makes you smile even if right before you thought you wouldn't be smiling again any time soon.  — Elisa


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