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My name is Kati Morton and I am a MFTI who specializes in mental health. My video series "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body" deals with Anorexia-Nervosa, Bulimia-Nervosa EDNOS, Binge Eating & Self-Harm/ SI I began my studies at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and received my bachelor degree in psychology. I also received my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine’s Graduated School of Education and Psychology. It was during my time in the masters program that I began working at an inpatient eating disorder treatment center. Part of my job as a therapist there was to not only see clients two times per week for individual and family counseling, but to also lead groups and help portion and prepare food. While there I realized how debilitating anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive eating/binge eating disorder can be to a person and their family, and I vowed to continue my work as a therapist solely to help those suffering from eating disorders. After graduating at the top of my class, I began working at an outpatient eating disorder treatment center. There I was able to witness the successes and failures of inpatient treatment facilities, as most of our clients sought treatment in our facility after being in an inpatient program. Although my duties as a therapist did not change from inpatient to outpatient, the level of client need did. I was able to see their growth and recovery applied to their life right away. I was also able to watch clients graduate from the program and go back to college, or get a job and get married. It was fulfilling to see people who had been held captive by their eating disorder for so long finally break free and live a full life. Continuing on my path to understand all levels of eating disorder treatment and recovery, I began work at a hospital treatment center. While there I was able to work with patients who were so deep in their eating disorder that they had to be fed through a tube. Many refused treatment for so long that they were left with no other choice than to be hospitalized. In that sort of facility I found patients’ to be so sick that therapy was at times of no value because they could not remember what we had talked about nor focus enough in the sessions to give feedback. It was at this time I decided that more needed to be done. We needed to reach out to more people suffering before they got to this point. The horror of this disease has left a mark on my life and I have made it my mission to share my knowledge and education with anyone who will listen. I hope that by creating videos, blogging and using various social media sites I can raise awareness of these diseases as well as create a safe place where people can speak candidly about their own battles.

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