Kirsten Schultz

Patient Leader

As a disability activist and patient, I know how hard it can be to live a full life while dealing with health issues. That’s why I work most closely with patients living with chronic illness or disability, helping them to rediscover their lives after diagnosis. I’m also a sex educator, health advocate, and writer. In those roles, I’ve worked and presented with organizations all around the world, including Healthline, Pfizer, the University of Guelph, and the Arthritis Foundation. In addition, my work has been featured in articles from publications such as US News, Teen Vogue, and Everyday Health. I recently snagged an MS in Healthcare Administration from Utica College. My BA is in Religious Studies with a double minor in History and Politics.


Madison, WI


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Best in Show: Blog

Kirsten has lived with JIA and now, as an adult continues to help children and there families. She also openly shares her thoughts & feelings that help us all see things from a different perspective. She's also busy helping advocate in her local community. All this and a full time job, she's nothing short of amazing!  — Heather

She inspires me to become more active in my local and federal government to help other and future arthritis patients.

Kirsten does an amazing job with updating her blog. She works full time battles her disease and still finds time to keep up on her blog. She's always motivating others.  — Tara

Kirsten is one of the best health activists out there. She's knowledgeable, open, compassionate, and an excellent communicator. These are all excellent qualities, but she's also ready to nurture other activists. She encouraged me to start my own chat and subs for me when I'm not well enough to host. I wish I could clone her.  — Dawn

Kirsten Schultz

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