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Sara is a beautiful person inside and out. Even on her most difficult days when she's fighting through her own health issues, she's taking the time to calm others down that are struggling, and helping them to learn more about their own health journey and how to approach it in a more proactive way.

Sara is a great hard working atvocate who needs to e noticed for her hard work. I am inspired by Sara. She goes above and byond to get her message out there. Her didication to her cause is shown each and everyday. Bloodclot recovery is a very small community. Sara is helping it grow in big strdes.  — Leslie

Sara brings together a large group of Survivors to help support each other and educate others about the risks and dangers of blood clots. She goes above and beyond for each and every member.  — Debra

She was one of the first people I came across after my Clot diagnosis. I had no clue what to do,how to feel and no education on the subject. She taught me so much and held my hand through my struggle while she was going through her own struggle with clots. She is amazing and has reached out to so many folks and continues to work hard.  — Sara

Blood Clot Recovery Network

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