Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

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Best in Show: Blog

Marie is an icon on the web. She has mentored people like me, as well as many others. Not just in the Breast Cancer realm, but many others, both locally and globally. She is an influential online e-patient leader.  — Vanessa

This blog is informative and inclusive, thought-provoking, encouraging and compassionate.  — Melanie

This blog has been running for 4 years and it has grown a great community of regular readers who support each other - all of this is expertly facilitated by the author  — Gianna

Very inclusive, shares differing points of view, compassionate and knowledgeable.  — Anne

Marie's blog has been an oasis of support and compassion for me and so many others. She is a superb supporter of everyone's blogs and each week she tirelessly showcases them in her weekly round-up - drawing the disparate voices together in one place. So many of us appreciate her efforts and would love to see her honored for them with this award.  — Melanie

Marie has been writing her blog since 2009 and still provides consistently great content for her readers. Not only that, she has grown a blog community where everyone feels heard and safe in expressing their thoughts even if they are different from the majority view.  — Darina

Great advice for every stage of the breast cancer journey, particularly what happens when treatment finishes. Always so inclusive and welcoming to newcomers.  — Melanie

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

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