Dr. Karen

Patient Leader

I am a very passionate, motivated and dedicated Chiropractor and Mom. I have served my community for over 11 years as a Chiropractor (alongside my husband, Dr. Ed Osburn), and specialize in helping kids and famlies live their best and healthiest lives! My blog has been a tremendous creative voice that has allowed me to reach others in order to educate and inspire them to step into their greatness in health and in life. As a busy working women, business woman and entrepreneur, I love to write about parenting, mommyhood, adoption, and all the joys and challenges that go along with that while trying to juggle my working life. My purpose as a writer is simple and one of my top core values: Connection. I strongly believe that connecting with others, talking about the things that matter, and being honest and authentic is one of the most important ways I can contribute and add value to other people in my time here on the planet. And I super exctied to be working on my first Ebook to come out early 2014!

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Blog
Dr. Karen

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