David Jacob

Patient Leader

Dave comes from successful careers in internet technology (IT) and business. As regional vice president of sales at Electronic Data Systems (EDS), he helped grow the company from $100M to $2.5B before it was acquired by General Motors (GM). He went on the found two successful startups, where he still serves in a leadership capacity. As a rare genetic disease patient, Dave founded ThinkGenetic to provide patients and healthcare providers access to the best materials related to rare genetic diseases and disorders. As the CEO of ThinkGenetic, Dave brings his business acumen to the table, along with his personal experiences as a patient and father living with a rare genetic disease.




Lifetime Achievement

Dave has been working tirelessly to try and fix the misinformation on the internet about genetic conditions. After experiencing a 60 year diagnostic odyssey he is determined to help other find the help, answers, and diagnosis they need faster and more accurately. He founded ThinkGenetic, dedicating his time, heart and funds to this mission.  — Ruthie

David Jacob

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