Music Health Coach

Patient Leader

I help busy women cleanse their lives through transforming their diet, shedding unwanted pounds, and exploring the world of healing music. I also provide holistic health professionals healing music to use in their practices and for their clients.


Best Kept Secret

Lori sort of fell into the health field when she saw her own health deteriorating after being put on bed rest for pregnancy and when one of her children was having some serious behavioral issues. She discovered that through healthy diet and lifestyle habits, she lost the weight and felt a million times better. Not only that, but her son's behavior improved immensely so that they didn't have to medicate him. She wants to help others take control of their lives and health and experience these modern-day miracles and so became certified as a health coach. Lori is also a talented musician, and has seen how music can affect people physically. There's a reason we can remember songs and lyrics for years. She combines her knowledge of music and health in a unique blend that isn't found anywhere else, and I think more people should know about her and the great things she does.  — Jaime

Music Health Coach

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