Patient Leader

I live with multiple illnesses, some of which include lipomyelomeningocele with retethering, scoliosis, eds, hyperpots, mcas, and an autoimmune blood disorder. I try to create artwork that depicts how living with various illnesses + disabilities feels like, both in terms of the physicality of it and the emotional side effects. Drawing has helped me process my diseases, and given me a way to explain invisible illnesses to people who are unaffected by them. I started sharing my art in the hopes that it would perhaps do the same for others. It also allowed me to create my charity to send painted cards + stickers to —hopefully— bring cheer to others living with illnesses+disabilities.


Irvine , CA


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The idleidealsartwork of eds helped me explain my connective tissue disorder both to my doctors who were unfamilar, and to my family and friends. They say a picture says a thousand words. I dont think there is a single drawing of eds effects on the body online. It’s a completely unique way to advocate for myself and all zebras!  — Hannah


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