Ashley Ringstaff

Patient Leader


Leander, TX


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Ashley speaks on the uncomfortable, subjects, the embarrassing subjects, on the sad and the glad subjects. She speaks her truth without shame allowing us to speak and live ours. The only site, imo, that is relatedable.  — Theresa

Ashley just puts it all out there. No matter how silly, uncomfortable or humiliating, she says what we are all thinking and going through and makes a safe place to have honest a real discussions about M.S. It's a great blog no matter what stage you are at with your M.S. from waiting for a diagnosis to have had one for decades.  — Karen

Because she isn’t afraid to talk about the things we’re all thinking! I love her down to Earth writing style she’s awesome at creating awareness of ms 🧡  — Jessie

She is an inspiration. I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago. I enjoy reading her blog which includes real life stories of others with the disease.  — Jessica

Ashley's strong, honest writing voice and insights touch so many people with MS. Every post she publishes evokes many enthusiastic responses from her readers. She has touched a huge part of the MS population, particularly the younger contingent. Year and year, her dedication to advocacy reaches more and more patients.  — Kimberly

Ashley Ringstaff

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