Emily Garnett

Patient Leader

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at age 32, the same week my son turned two and my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. (Big week for our family). After my diagnosis, I began blogging about my diagnosis, treatment, and thoughts about all of it. I found that there needed to be further conversations about the nuances of life with/around cancer, and started my podcast, The Intersection of Cancer and Life, in 2018. Since my diagnosis, I have been a corporate speaker, program organizer, advocate, and collaborator for a number of research and community groups relating to metastatic breast cancer. While I was busy with all of that, my cancer was also quite busy, and spread from my bones to my lung, liver, and brain. Despite being composed of mostly tumor at this point, I continue to blog, podcast, and talk everyone's ear off about the need for research, advocacy, and better understanding of metastatic cancer.


Mount Kisco, NY


Rookie of the Year Best in Show: Blog


Best in Show: Podcast


Rookie of the Year

"The Intersection of Cancer and Life," hosted by Emily, is an inspiring, engaging, and insightful podcast that is truly a pleasure to listen to. Emily establishes a strong rapport and relationship with her guests. Through a true conversation, she allows them to share their journey. I nominate her without any reservations.  — Justin

Emily puts herself out there and fearlessly assembles the most important voices in breast cancer advocacy. Her voice is super important and amazingly fresh.  — Abigail

Emily is amazing at bridging the gap of all breast cancer patients. She creates a safe space for dialogue for talking about metastatic breast cancer and all cancers. Emily is brave, approachable, knowledgeable, strong, and most importantly real.  — Tina

Emily is an amazing young wife and mother living with metastatic breast cancer who works tirelessly to support and educate women in the breast cancer community. She openly shares her story - victories and struggles - on her blog and podcast. It's moving to say the least. She has also given other women a platform for sharing their stories.  — Kristen

Before Emily's metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, she was a powerhouse elder law attorney and passionate community advocate. Now, she's breaking all kinds of records for her powerhouse online presence and passionate community advocacy related to women living — and thriving — with MBC.  — Michelle

Emily Garnett

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