Beth Francis and Andy Clark - 100 Days of Vitamin Sea

Patient Leader

After Beth was diagnosed with chronic migraine, she and partner Andy set a challenge “100 Days of Vitamin Sea”- based on research that being active in nature can be extremely beneficial to health and wellbeing. They've filmed throughout our journey and shared some of the highs and lows on social media. They're creating a feature length film showing the realities of chronic illness and the benefits of nature based wellbeing. The experience has given them the opportunity to advocate and share on national TV the realities of this disease. They are also in the processes of helping to run a research study to see how they can adapt what they’ve found to help others migraineurs.


Beaumaris, WLS


Rookie of the Year


Best Team Performance

The couple are working well together and help other people  — Zara

Beth and Andy not only work together to film their journey but also support each other when Beth is unwell.  — Will

Beth Francis and Andy Clark - 100 Days of Vitamin Sea

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