Beth Francis and Andy Clark - 100 Days of Vitamin Sea

Patient Leader

After being diagnosed with chronic migraine in 2017, my partner Andy and I set ourselves the challenge to swim in the cool waters around North Wales for 100 days, in a project we named "100 Days of Vitamin Sea". Our aim when we began was simply to improve our general wellbeing, but little did we know how lifechanging it would be. We found, to our astonishment, how helpful the cold water was in managing pain and helped to establish a research study investigating how this could be applied to helping others. We also shared our journey online, showing the realities of the disease and how we were managing it as a caregiver-patient couple. We have spoken about our experiences at universities and on national television and radio and been amazed at the impact we have been able to have on the lives of others.


Beaumaris, WLS


Rookie of the Year


Best Team Performance

The couple are working well together and help other people  — Zara

Beth and Andy not only work together to film their journey but also support each other when Beth is unwell.  — Will

Beth Francis and Andy Clark - 100 Days of Vitamin Sea

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