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I'm Amber, the creator of the Ostomy Diaries Youtube Channel, and Social Media Platforms. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, and love teaching High School Chemistry, and Physical Science. I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Masters degree in Secondary Education. ​ My journey with Inflammatory Bowel Disease began when I was nine years old. I was officially diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2008, and had a complete colectomy to receive my ostomy bag in 2016. Through the struggles of my disease, and many hospitalizations I became motivated to share my story. I have been blessed to share my journey with companies like 3M and Health Central. I currently serve on the Patient Leader Advisory Board for WEGO Health, and I attended the HealtheVoices Conference hosted by Janssen in Dallas Texas that helps equip patient leaders from across the globe. ​ The mission of the Ostomy Diaries is to educate, encourage, and inspire others with IBD and ostomies. Sharing my story has been healing, and I hope my transparency helps provide a sense of community for others who may feel alone or hopeless. Without God and my amazing support system I would not be here today. I am eternally grateful for this beautiful life I have been blessed with. Check out more of my journey on social media @ostomydiaries.


Sevierville, TN


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I'm Amber! I'm a Science teacher at an Alternative Learning School in Gatlinburg, TN. Making people feel alive and cared for is what fuels me. From my endless poop jokes and laughs, to sharing my heart and tears with a stranger, my passion is loving people, (with queso dip in a close second). I love educating Ostomates through humor and smiles!

Amber works so hard to help encourage everyone she meets. She does a great job sharing educational information for people with an ostomy on YouTube. Her videos help make people smile, and cope with having an ostomy.  — Katie

Where do I begin. 6 weeks after launching my brand to help raise awareness for autoimmune diseases, I was hospitalized and had emergency surgery to remove my colon and get an Ileostomy. I watched ALL of Ambers YouTube Videos and they gave me knowledge and peace so that I could recover and go home to live my new life as an Ostomate!  — Connie

She is very upbeat and shares her light with everyone around her. She has been faced with many obstacles and shares to help others. She always has good tips and donates supplies to those in need 💗  — Kim

Encourages everyone!  — Donna

5 months before getting my ostomy, I was inspired by Amber’s Instagram and YouTube page Ostomy Diaries. I chatted with her about some issues that I had regarding socializing and getting along with others with an ostomy she was very friendly and helped me so much feeling that I and other people facing Ostomy surgery that we are not alone in this.  — Abby

Amber has taken an unbelievable obstacle in her life and has turned it into a positive for so many!!  — Teaka

Amber Wallace (Ostomy Diaries)

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