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I'm Amber! I have Crohn's Disease and had a complete colectomy in 2016. I now live life with an ostomy bag, and a huge smile. I love Jesus, people, and Taco Bell. Through my YouTube channel, and other social platforms I hope to provide education, and support for other individuals living with an ostomy bag. Life with an ostomy can be pretty rad, and I like showing people that! In November 2018 I launched the Ostomy Diaries Blessing Bags program. Many individuals living with an ostomy cannot afford ostomy supplies. Through donations, support from many individuals, and ostomy supply stores, we were able to send over 120 ostomates in need a Blessing Bag full of supplies right around the Holiday season. We also included a letter of encouragement, because having an ostomy is not only a physical change, but an emotional one. I wanted each person who received a Blessing Bag to know that I care about them, God cares about them, and that they matter! This program will continue every year, and will launch again November 2019.


Sevierville, TN


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Youtube

Where do I begin. 6 weeks after launching my brand to help raise awareness for autoimmune diseases, I was hospitalized and had emergency surgery to remove my colon and get an Ileostomy. I watched ALL of Ambers YouTube Videos and they gave me knowledge and peace so that I could recover and go home to live my new life as an Ostomate!  — Connie

She is very upbeat and shares her light with everyone around her. She has been faced with many obstacles and shares to help others. She always has good tips and donates supplies to those in need 💗  — Kim

Encourages everyone!  — Donna

5 months before getting my ostomy, I was inspired by Amber’s Instagram and YouTube page Ostomy Diaries. I chatted with her about some issues that I had regarding socializing and getting along with others with an ostomy she was very friendly and helped me so much feeling that I and other people facing Ostomy surgery that we are not alone in this.  — Abby

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2018 WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Youtube


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Amber Wallace (Ostomy Diaries)

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