Patient Leader

I like to help people improve their health and well being by teaching them how to develop their awareness and how to use their bodies in more efficient ways. I have been teaching the Feldenkrais Method for 8 years, and in the past 2 years I have built an online community of thousands of Spanish-speaking people around the world that benefit from the videos, articles and interviews that I share with them for free on my website and blog in Huffington Post Voces. Also, I have created online courses and live workshops that have been attended by hundreds of people from several countries, offering them tools and strategies to live a happier life in their bodies. I also give talks, I have worked with groups of artists and health professionals, and I have a private practice to work in a one-on-one fashion with my students. I am passionate about what I do and I like to offer other people the opportunity to improve and to live in a healthier way.

Past Awards Participation

Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Blog

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