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Mental is the brain-child of Bobby Temps, who lives and thrives while managing his own mental health. Each week joined by a special guest Mental is intended to be a safe space to hear honest and open discussion about mental health in the hope listeners will feel more empowered to continue the conversation with others. ​ In addition we are campaigning to bring mental health education to all schools in the UK and the government has already put forward initial plans on how to achieve this. With support from politicians, influencers, charities and 91 thousand signatures we are close to improving the health of generations to come. We would then look to extend the campaign to other countries.


Birmingham, ENG


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This team have created a petition signed by over 55,000 people, rising daily, to make mental health a part of our national curriculum & be in our children’s lives in school. They are amazing who work tirelessly to increase awareness around all aspects of mental health  — Sarah

The podcast is opening up conversations about mental health whilst campaigning to break the stigma. Insightful, intelligent and so needed right now.

The guys at Mental Podcast have created community around their podcast that is genuinely uplifting. The show is really informative and they also share quotes on social media that show mental illness can affect anyone even those at the height of success. Sometime we all need some reminding that 'you are enough'.  — James

Mental Podcast

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