Claire Snyman

Patient Leader

I am an author, speaker, blogger and advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration. I am passionate about inspiring people to put their health in their own hands. Since being diagnosed in 2010 with a non-malignant brain tumor and brain surgery in 2012, I realized the importance of partnering with my healthcare team and being my body’s own advocate. In my quest for collaboration between patients and healthcare teams, I co-authored a collaborative study between patients and neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins University. I have developed a TEAM Approach for Empowering patients© – with the end goal of achieving better patient outcomes. I have spoken at TEDxStanleyPark 2018 about putting your health in your own hands, I am a TEDMED Frontline Scholar and a member of the Canadian Medical Association’s Patient Voice. I am always looking for ways to increase communication and collaboration between patients and the healthcare system and improve the patient experience.


West Vancouver, 02


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Claire is an inspiration to me and has helped so many people acquire the necessary skills be a self-advocate, take their health seriously and in their own hands. Her TEAM approach is transformational. I attended her TED talk this year and she was nothing short of amazing and lit up the stage with her beautiful, reassuring presence.

I have worked in Health for over 40 years, now I offer practices marketing solutions, I felt a connection.In 1978 patients didn't dare to speak up about their diagnosis, or even worse contemplate the Doctor might be wrong. I watched Claires Ted talk and thought, this is the new wave of patient we need, the self empowered patient taking ownership,

Claire Snyman

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