Amy Lynn Smith

Patient Leader

I use writing and communication as activism. I educate people about leading healthier lives through engagement in their own wellness, from the doctor's office to the ballot box. This includes improving health literacy on topics including healthcare reform, healthcare decision-making, wellness and health policy, often through storytelling. As a woman with type 1 diabetes, I've transformed my own health with Functional Medicine, losing 100 pounds by changing my eating/exercise habits. My doctor says I not only slowed the diabetes train headed to other conditions such as heart disease -- I've jumped off that train. I'll always have diabetes but my health is optimized. (See web link below.)


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Amy Lynn Smith does it all. She was a OFA communications volunteer during the battle to pass the Affordable Care Act and, now that it is law, she has worked tirelessly to keep people informed with facts and information they can use. She blogs at, she tweets as @alswrite and is active on Facebook. Using every channel at her disposable, she is a one-woman health care force of nature helping people understand the ACA and to lead healthy lives.  — Chris

I've worked with Amy before, and she's nothing short of amazing! She's always the first to educate and organize her audience around issues of access to health care (disparities, legislation, patient care) and she's built a community in the process. She also happens to be a TED MED rock star and awesome blogger. Go Amy!  — Sara

Amy Lynn Smith has spent the past year and half writing at about the importance of the Affordable Care Act in America. In addition to explaining the historical significance of the ACA & its profound impact on our country's most vulnerable citizens, Amy has shared an array of ACA success stories that would have otherwise gone untold.  — Chris

She was/is very active in supporting the ACA which has helped millions of people. In addition to her talks, she also helped to publicize the signup period among younger people. Her advocacy will positively affect lives for many years to come.  — Susan

Because she's awesome!  — Charles

Amy knows everything you need to know about the new Affordable Health Care Act and it's impact on your life. There has never been a question I have asked her that she has not been able to answer. And she is 100% accurate. Invaluable.  — Kathy

She is an amazing empathetic writer. She recognized the health care problem before it was fashionable to do so collecting stories.  — Jean

Amy Lynn Smith

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