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Researching Nutrition from an early age was inspired from losing her parents, their health wasn’t great nor their eating habits, her grand mother had Alzheimer’s also and her grandfather wrote a book about it called, “ Life with Dorothy, A love story”, Looking after her own health was alway #1 & a passion for helping others was born over the last five years. Dorthy looked very hard to find what works and from science based information, building a community that she participate in as a very passionate leader & sharing facts online in her group since 2016, In the last three years her groups have grown & she has shared science learning that low carb intermittent fasting is the way to go for everyone & she shares almost spent daily. May 2019 Dorthy signed up with a company called Pruvit and She has been taking bio identical therapeutic ketones to stay In ketosis the benefits are amazing from what I heard & have seen! This is something you have to work at and stick to it and finally your body responds well. In addition she did her first 60 hour reboot which is an easier way to fast. Dorthy has traveled a bit & made friends to see how others are eating & fasting.


Qualicum Beach, 02


Rookie of the Year Best in Show: Facebook Lifetime Achievement Patient Leader Hero

She has had such and accomplishments and she is very helpful and eager to keep learning  — Dorthy

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