Evie shallom

Patient Leader

Hi! My name is Evie and I am a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. I was diagnosed on the 3rd of March 2014 and although I am officially cancer free, I am still suffering today. I made a blog while I was going through my treatments, I saw a lot of people made YouTube videos and blogs but I never really saw a cancer blogger. I am sure there was many, but I never found one. So I set my own little blog up and I posted what I was going through and how it effected me. Since then I have grown a blog that many cancer sufferers read and enjoy! It would mean a lot to me if you could endorse/vote for me! I have worked really hard on this blog and Ilove having distractions and things to focus on!


Bracknell , ENG


Best in Show: Instagram Advocating for Another


Best in Show: Blog

She has been through so much and has continuously been so positive throughout her journey. She has helped other children by sharing her feelings and emotions through her blogs. Evie deserves this 100% she is an amazing person and has the best family supporting her x  — Yee-Ling

Despite all her treatment, she looked out for others and blogging this has given many children and adults support and courage. And for parents to understand what their children are going through. And she never stops smiling.  — Hayley

Evie shallom

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