Christina Gonzalez

Patient Leader

I am 19 and chronically ill, I have had chronic pain since I was 11 months old and there has NEVER been a day where I wasn’t in pain. I advocate for kids with cancer or chronic illness by running the page @GoGoldForChildhoodCancer and the page @Chronically.Christina where I share my story. I know what it’s like to be a kid and have to grow up in the hospital, to be alone and not understand why you of all people have been chosen for this life. I just want kids to know that they’re not alone, and for doctors to know that THIS IS NOT RARE!!!! Diagnosis: AMPS ( amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome ) Gastroparesis, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis.


Modesto, CA


Best in Show: Instagram Advocating for Another

She stands up for every child going through cancer despite being in pain of her own. She helps them every single day to be their voice and to help their families as well. She dedicates her time very so often to spread the awareness. A true inspiration .  — Thia

Christina Gonzalez

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