Katie Brown

Patient Leader

At age 22 I became a cancer survivor. At age 29 my dad was diagnosed with the deadliest cancer killer, lung cancer, and that's when I decided to fight alongside people with cancer to give them a voice, navigate them through their cancer journey and celebrate their survivorship. I lost my dad after only 11 months, but I haven't stopped honoring him. I am the Vice President of Support & Survivorship for LUNGevity Foundation and manage the Foundations social media. I am a wife, a mom and a social media zombie.


North Richland Hills, TX


Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero Lifetime Achievement Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Patient Leader Hero


Best in Show: Community

Katie keeps the lung cancer community supported and engaged. She cheers for us for each good scan, cries with us when we lose a member and helps keep us feeling supported and encouraged.  — Anne

In 2002 started the first ever online lung cancer support network that has over 406,000 posts today. Transformed online support ,survivorship and navigation for people diagnosed with lung cancer.  — Rickey

Katie's role as a lung cancer advocate , navigator, and blogger has positively affected the lives of many lung cancer survivors & their caregivers. She offers patients hope and support through her Lungevity Summits, Tweets,blog and facebook page.

Katie is the sole reason that the Support and Survivorship Dept. exists at LUNGevity (the largest lung cancer nonprofit). Without her work, literally thousands of lung cancer patients would be without a way to connect to each other and find support and resources. Katie is always putting her patients and her mission first.  — Danielle

I'm recently a new member to the lung cancer community, and Katie Brown quickly welcomed me with a warm regard. Instantly I felt apart of a family that I've grown to trust, love, and support. All of this was made possible through Katie Brown and her community organization skills.  — Leilani

She works tirelessly for lung cancer patients everywhere through her work at Lungevity.com. She goes way beyond her job responsibilities working for every single lung cancer patient and their family and friends. She is an extraordinary advocate and supporter and is extremely deserving of this award.  — Tina

Katie Brown

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