Heather Von St James

Patient Leader

I am a 12+ year survivor of mesothelioma, patient advocate, speaker and freelance writer/blogger. I began blogging about my journey when I realized that people needed hope when diagnosed with mesothelioma. I was given just 15 months to live upon my diagnosis, but have gone on to outlive their best case scenario. Advocacy is more than what I do, it is part of me. I speak for those who can't and for those who have yet to be diagnosed. I believe until there is more awareness about mesothelioma, nothing will change. That is my mission, Awareness and advocacy are everything.


Roseville, MN


Patient Leader Hero

I’m nominating Heather for this award because she's a courageous survivor who does amazing things for the mesothelioma community. Whether she’s traveling to attend events, volunteering for the Meso Foundation or ADAO, or hosting her annual Lung Leavin’ Day charity event, Heather is always doing something for others. I’m glad to know her!  — Gino

Heather Von St James

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