The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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I started advocating with one hope: to reassure other thyroid patients every single day that they are not alone. 750 million people worldwide have thyroid disease, but no one talks about it openly and a lot struggle in silence; desperate for someone to listen and understand. My writing comes from a deeply authentic and honest perspective as I not only share what I learn from researching while on my own journey back to good health, but also my own completely honest experiences that resonate with many. I’m on a mission to reach as many thyroid patients in need of support as possible and challenge the severe lack of knowledge about hypothyroidism. I know this is my purpose in life.


Nottingham, ENG


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I have been advocating for thyroid patients for over two and a half years now, working tirelessly to make change and encourage others to become their own advocate too. I have built a FB page of over 12,000 followers but even better, a Facebook group of over 30,000+. The Thyroid Family

Rachel i individual who shows true courage and strength through times of hardship. An adovocate for a condition (conditions) which isn’t talked about enough. As well as managing her own health, she always replies to support the health of her followers too. Her topics are current and relatable and show you that there is life beyond thyroid disease.  — Rachel-Ann

Puts together the best information Ive seen online from all thyroid blogs and websites, as its much easier to understand. She cuts a lot of the jargon while still giving us the very important information that we need to get better. Her blogs vary widely too, which is what makes reading every new blog so exciting and fulfilling. She's an inspiration

The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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